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In Brwinów, the City Hall in cooperation with the project team, organized a consultation etnitled "The consultation of the urban planning concept of the market development in Brwinów", concerning the reconstruction of an existing urban market based on the new concept of its development.

A text debate on the inDialogue platform and a direct meeting in the city area were planned as part of the consultation.

During the consultation, there were no technical or organizational problems that would prevent a text debate from being conducted on the inDialogue platform. Despite the intervention of the project team and the actions taken by the municipality, the residents did not wish to participate in the online debate. Therefore, the City Hall has created a questionnaire that included questions similar to those which were asked in the text debate.

Briefing materials

The briefing materials uploaded to the platform contained basic information about the city market, i.e. the area's development, pavilions, canopies and additional buildings. In the Restrictions section, the organisers indicated limited budgetary resources for the construction of new facilities, space at disposal, and the need to adjust the new market to its surroundings and the character of the city center. The proposed solutions were not filled in, but the residents were asked to view the visualization of the concept of urban planning market. Information sources mentioned Brwinów's Municipal Office Information. All residents were able to view the visualisations by downloading the attachments.


Recruitment for the consultations was held from 22.06 to 27.06. 2017. The Office invited the citizens to participate by publishing information on the City Hall's website, as well as by contacting local institutions and organizations. The project team supported the recruitment activities by inviting local organizations by email and telephone. 


Since the text debate on the platform, scheduled for 27.06-17.07.2017, did not take place due to lack of interest of the participants, the only debate was the direct meeting, which took place on 27.06 at 18:00 in the Fire Department Station in Brwinów at ul. Pszczelińska 3. The meeting was attended by the citizens, including the representatives of vendors trading in the city market, and residents using the market as customers. Participants in the debate focused on the evaluation of the proposed urban concept. The meeting was also attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Brwinów, Mr. Arkadiusz Kosiński.


The experts appointed to support the consultations were the following persons: Sylwia WIłkojć-Kowalska, Mirosław Kosiaty, Arkadiusz Kosiński, Sławomir Walendowski, and Iwona Grzybczyk-Kostrzewska.



The Municipality, together with the project team, developed a questionnaire which included references to the visualisations of the concept of the market. The questionnaire was sent to local organizations and institutions via e-mail, and its digital version has also been published on the Municipality's website. 

Consultation report

The report was published in September and then consulted with the citizens.


Since all documents related to the consultation are in Polish only, please refer to the Polish version of this site to access them.

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