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Krosno Odrzańskie

In Krosno Odrzańskie, the purpose of the consultation "Sport and recreation on Lake Glibiel?" was to find out the citizens' opinion on the development of the urban beach in Łochowice on the Glibiel Lake. The subject of the discussion was the preferred type of sport and recreational facilities, and their location on the beach.

The consultations included a text debate on the inDialogue platform, and a direct meeting on the beach.

During the consultations, technical and organizational issues emerged that prevented the text debate on the platform to commence. Despite the intervention of the Dialogue team and the actions undertaken by the municipality representatives, the error related to the spreading of automated notifications on the platform was not repaired. The City Hall reacted to this problem by creating a questionnaire which included questions similar to those posed in the text debate.

Briefing materials

The briefing material provided on the inDialogue platform contained basic information about the urban beach and recreational area, the infrastructure on the beach, the maintenance costs, etc. The materials included a photo of the beach and the area under consultation. The Restrictions section indicated limited budgetary means for the construction of new facilities, lack of local development plans, ownership issues for certain areas, and other legal restrictions. The Proposed solutions included the development of the urban beach, the construction of playgrounds, the expansion of the gastronomic offer, the construction of sanitary facilities with showers, the construction of a wake park: all these proposals were described, presenting their advantages and disadvantages. The Sources of information included the references to the legal documents for the development of the recreational area. The residents could also read the proposed resolutions by downloading the attachments.



Recruitment for the consultation of briefing materials was held in parallel with commenting on the materials, i.e. between 05.05.and 14.05.2017. The Office invited residents to participate by publishing information on the Municipality's website, as well as contacting local institutions and organizations. The recruitment phase for the consultation took place between 19.05. and 31.05.2017, and also involved several channels of communication with the residents. The project team supported the recruitment activities by inviting local organizations by email and telephone. 

Commenting on the briefing materials

The materials were commented on by the residents. The opinions they expressed were positive and referred to the content of the document. No suggestion to change the materials was uttered.


Since the text debate on the platform, scheduled for 1.06 - 25.06. 2017, did not take place due to unforeseeable errors, the only debate was a direct meeting held on June 24 at 10:00 am on the municipal beach in Łochowice. Ten inhabitants participated. The questionnaire, which replaced the text debate, was filled out by the citizens as well. A paper version was available on the day of the direct debate.


Experts in the consultations were the representatives of the in Dialogue project: Dr Anna Przybylska and Dr Marta Kołodziejska.

Consultation report

The report was published both on the platform, and on the Municiaplity's website. No comments were made by the citizens regarding its content.


Since all documents related to the consultation are in Polish only, please refer to the Polish version of this site to access them.

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