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Mińsk Mazowiecki

The municipal office of Mińsk Mazowiecki, in cooperation with the "in Dialogue" team, wants to learn from the inhabitants of the municipality whether they would like to connect Minsk Mazowiecki to the Metropolitan Area of ​​Warsaw. The consultation entitled "Mazovian Mazovia in the Warsaw Metropolis - Public Consultation for the Residents" is scheduled for August-September 2017.

Residents will be able to express their views during the text debate on the inDialogue platform, as well as during a direct meeting scheduled for September 20th.

Briefing materials

The materials published on the platform contained basic information about what the Warsaw Metropolitan Area is and what the connection of Mińsk Mazowiecki to the Metropolis would entail. The Limitations list the issues that may be affected by this change. The Suggested solutions tab was not completed. Sources of information indicate a reference to the website informing about the Warsaw Metropolis. The Attachments included documents informing in detail about the Warsaw Metropolis.


Recruitment for the consultations took place from 05.08 to 19.08.2017. The City Hall invited the residents to participate by publishing information on the Office's website, as well as by contacting local media, institutions and organizations. During the phase, the project team supported recruitment activities by inviting local organizations by email and telephone. On the platform a total of 20 citizens registered the accounts.


The text debate on the platform was scheduled for 20.08 - 22.09.2017. Seven residents were registered for the debate.

The direct debate is scheduled for 20.09 to take place on the Terrace of the Municipal Culture Center in Mińsk Mazowiecki, Warszawska 173 Street. Through the platform, three residents were registered, while the Office also made it possible to register directly with the organizers of the consultation.


Experts were not appointed.

Consultation report

The consultation report will be published in October.


Since all documents related to the consultation are in Polish only, please refer to the Polish version of this site to access them.

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