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Ożarów Mazowiecki

In Ożarów Mazowiecki, the aim of the consultation "Developing a strategy for cultural development in the Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki" was to obtain information on the frequency of citizen's use of the cultural offer of the Municipality, as well as on their assessment of the attractiveness of the current cultural offer, and obtaining suggestions on the directions of the cultural development in Ożarów.

The consultations were one of the stages of the consultation process on the culture development strategy in the Municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki. A survey and a face-to-face meeting at the Municipality Office were planned during the consultation.

There were no technical or organizational problems during the consultations that would have prevented any of the planned stages of consultation.

Briefing materials

The briefing materials published on the inDialogue platform contained basic information on cultural participation by inhabitants of the Ożarów Mazowiecki Municipality (based on existing data), as well as the Limitations regarding the types of infrastructure available, costs associated with the development of cultural facilities and widening the cultural offer, as well as the small scope of cooperation between the towns and villages in the region. The Proposed solutions  include the following proposals:

    - Library as a meeting place for various groups.
    - Clubhouse/ cafe as space for spending time together, carrying out various projects.
    - Organization of urban games.
    - Modernization of the cultural  infrastructure.
    - Organization of more activities reflecting the needs of the citizens.

The Sources of information present links to the most important cultural institutions in the municipality.



Recruitment for the consultation took place on 27.04-08.05.2017 and involved numerous strategies. On the website of the Municipality, information about the registration for the debate (through the platform and in the City Hall) was published. Invitations and information on the consultations was also sent via e-mail and text messages to local institutions and organizations. The project team supported these recruitment activities by inviting local organizations by email and telephone.

Debate - direct meeting

The debate took place on 24.05.2017 at 18.00, in the Town Hall at Kolejowa 2 Street. The debate was attended by the citizens, a municipal councilor (at the same time an NGO representative), 3 employees of the Office and Culture Center, who are also residents of the community, and one non-resident representing the Cultural Center.

 During the meeting the participants were asked the following questions:

1. Are the inhabitants of the Commune of Ożarów Mazowiecki happy with the cultural offer of the municipality?

2. Which elements of the cultural offer of the municipality are most often used by the residents?

3. Are there any barriers to using the cultural offer of the municipality for the inhabitants?

4. Do the inhabitants identify any deficiencies in the cultural offer of the municipality?

5. What should the direction of the cultural development in the municipality be?


Krzysztof Jabłoński was an expert in cultural strategy.



The municipality also prepared an online survey on the platform and in a paper version. The survey was also available via the municipal website. The paper version the survey was available in several institutions, such as the City Hall, the local Community Centre and its branches, the  Center for Social Initiatives, as well as in the Public Library in Ożarów Mazowiecki and its branches in Józefów and Święcice.

The vast majority of questionnaires were filled by women. The majority of questionnaires were sent by residents over 65 years of age, and between 56 and 65 years and 36-45 years. The survey was completed by people living in the Municipality for over 5 years. More interest in the questionnaires was in the rural areas of the municipality than in Ożarów Mazowiecki itself.

Regarding the priorities of the culture development strategy, the most frequently indicated suggestiones were:

1. Infrastructure modernization - 37%,

2. Enriching the offer of cultural institutions - 32%,

3. organization of new events - 31%.

Consultation report

The consultation report, based on the conclusions from the debate and the survey, was published on the platform in June, and residents could submit their comments and comments for 14 days. No comments were submitted.

Since all documents related to the consultation are in Polish only, please refer to the Polish version of this site to access them.

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