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In Słupsk, the aim of the consultation on "The quality of public space - the regulations of advertising and small architecture" was to familiarize the inhabitants with a draft document that would define the rules for placing advertisements, fences and small architecture in the city, and then to find out their opinions on the resolutions contained in the document.

The purpose of the document is to organize the urban space, to clear it of the information chaos by setting specific rules, preparing a catalog of good practices and creating a friendly public space.

The municipality planned the consultation of the briefing materials, the text debate on the inDialogue platform, and two direct meetings at the City Hall: one dedicated to local entrepreneurs and the other to the citizens of Słupsk. There were no technical or organizational problems during the consultation which would have prevented any of the planned stages of consultation from taking place.


In preparation for the consultation, the project team, in cooperation with the City Hall, organized two workshops in Słupsk. The first took place on 17.01.2017 and involved a total of 21 participants, including the representatives of the City Hall, local NGOs and organizations supporting citizens with disabilities. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize the users with the features of the platform. In the next workshop, which took place on 25.04.2017, eight representatives from the City Hall and NGOs participated. The purpose of the training was to create a framework for consultation on the platform and to provide information on the accessibility of the platform for residents with disabilities.
Briefing materials
The briefing materials provided on the inDialogue platform contained the basic information about the purpose of the document entitled "Resolution on setting the rules and conditions of placing small architectural objects, billboards and fences, their dimensions, quality standards and permissible types of construction materials". The Restrictions included permitted types of objects, materials, location conditions, etc. which must be taken into account. This section also mentioned the visibility of the effects of the resolution over time (its implementation and effects will be visible no sooner than in a few months after the resolution takes effect), as well as reduced advertising profits from some housing communities and businesses. The proposed solutions listed three key proposals, highlighting their pros and cons:

1. Regulate advertising in the city - in terms of location, number and quality

2. Regulate the issue of small architecture in the city

3. Divide the city into three areas where different regulations will be applied, tailored to the needs of these areas.

In the Information Sources, a link to the Landscape Act has been provided, which allows local governments to regulate advertising and small architecture issues. The inhabitants were able to read through the Annexes which included the contents of the draft resolution, the glossary of key terms used in the resolution, as well as a presentation containing the visualization of proposed solutions related to the content of the resolution.


Recruitment for the consultation of briefing materials
Recruitment for the consultation of briefing materials took place between 10.04 and 17.04.2017. The next stage was commenting on materials by the citizens, which lasted until the end of April. The City Hall invited all residents to participate by publishing information on the Authority's website, as well as contacting local institutions and organizations by email and phone.


The consultation of the briefing materials

Between 17.04 to 28.04, commenting on the briefing materials took place. Residents did not comment on the documents' content.


Text debate on the platform

The debate lasted from 24.05 to 13.06, and the residents were asked to answer the following questions:

1.  What should public space look like in Slupsk? Please indicate what you think should be acceptable to be placed in the public space, and not should not.
2. What do you think about the introduction of a uniform advertising system in the city? Please justify whether the introduction of uniformity in terms of materials and the shape of advertising / small architecture is needed, if not - why diversity is better.
3. What do you think of dividing the city into three zones where different advertising principles apply? Please justify whether this division is good and if the proposed rules are appropriate.

Debates - direct meetings

Debate with local entrepreneurs

On 29.05 in the local Center of Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Economy (ul. Niedziałkowskiego 6) at 16:30 a meeting with local entrepreneurs was held. The questions in the debate were related both to the text debate questionnaire and to the content of the Resolution itself.

Debate with the citizens

On 05.06 in the localCenter of Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Economy at 16:30 there was a debate with the citizens. The participants were asked to answer questions analogous to questions in the text debate.

Beata Samborska was an expert in the topic.

Consultation report

The consultation report, based on the conclusions from the debate and the survey, was published on the platform in the beginning of November.

Since all documents related to the consultation are in Polish only, please refer to the Polish version of this site to access them.


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