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In Toruń the subject of the consultation "Recreation at the river. How to develop areas along the Toruń Struga? " was the development of areas along the river, with particular emphasis on recreational and green areas. The consultations have been conducted with the focus on the arrangement of green zones in three selected areas:

1. Grębocin - an area with a lot of recreational potential. This is where the artificial tunnel of Toruńska Struga originates. As part of the consultation, we will consider how to use this area to preserve its natural character and to create a space that the citizens can enjoy.

2. In the area of the Chrobrego estate - it is possible to have a full recreational and sports arrangement of space in this location, as it merges with the residential function and has been the locus of citizen activity for many years.

3. At the estate on ul. Donimirski - an area used predominantly by the inhabitants of the settlement. It needs to be structured and managed to meet the needs of the people.

The Department of Social Communication and Information of the Toruń City Hall was responsible for the consultations.

The consultation included a text debate on the platform, a face-to-face meeting, and an online survey. There were no technical or organizational problems during the consultation which would have prevented any of the planned stages of consultation from taking place.


Preparation of the consultation

In preparation for the consultation, the project team, in cooperation with the City Hall, organized two workshops in Toruń. The first took place on 16.01.2017. 25 people participated, including representatives of the City Hall, local NGOs and organizations supporting citizens with disabilities. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize the users with the features of the platform. In the next workshop, which took place on 26.04, four representatives of the UM took part. The aim of the training was to create a framework of the consultation on the platform and to ensure the accessibility of the platform for residents with disabilities.


Briefing materials

The information materials provided on the inDialogue platform contained basic information about the areas along the river, the development of which was the subject of the consultation, information on possible limitations in the implementation of the plans (such as property issues, water quality, environmental protection). Proposed solutions presented the possible forms of land development in the three regions mentioned above: maps and photographs showing the current state of these areas were included. In the Sources of Information, relevant resolutions were provided with references to these documents, as well as reports from previous consultations on the development of areas along the river (as well as other documents referring to the issue of consultation).



Recruitment for the consultations was planned for 24.04-08.05. As part of the recruitment, the City Hall representatives distributed invitations to local institutions and NGOs, and provided information to the local media, including City Council website and social media sites. The Dialogue team supported the recruitment process through email and telephone calls to the local NGOs.  



As part of the consultation, residents were invited to participate in the text debate on the platform, which took place between 08.05 and 27.05.2017. As part of the text debate, residents were asked to answer six questions:

1. Which of the following areas at Struga Toruńska do you use the most?

2. How do you use the terrain located at the river?

3. Are the Struga Toruńska areas near your place of residence?

4. What are your suggestions regarding the development of the river and its surroundings?

5. Should the areas along the river be a natural habitat sanctuary?

6. How to protect Struga from littering?


On 13.05 a consultation meeting with the residents took place, which took the form of a walk with three meeting points:

- 10.00 - 12.00 - Olsztynska / Ceramiczna street junction

- 12.00 - 14.00 - square in front of the building at Donimirskiego 9 street

- 14.00 - 16.00 - green square at Wojska Polskiego street

The direct debate questions were analogous to questions in the text debate.



The experts assigned to the debate were:

1. Józef Czerwiński

2. Szczepan Burak

3. Jolanta Swinarska

4. Rafał Wiewiórski

5. Marcin Kowallek

6. Mirosław Bartulewicz

7. Marcin Maksim


Online survey

Apart from debates, the City Hall also prepared an online survey on the platform. The questionnaire included five questions about the use of the area around the Struga river:

1. Have you used the area at the river for recreational purposes during the last year?

2. How often do you use the areas at the river for recreational purposes?

3. Do you visit the area along the river with your child?

4. Do you visit the area along the Struga river with your dog?

Final report

The consultation report, which included the conclusions of both types of debates, was uploaded on the platform on 23.06, and by 30.06 all residents had the opportunity to comment on its content. 

Since all documents related to the consultation are in Polish only, please refer to the Polish version of this site to access them.


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