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Warsaw University

Warsaw University is one of the biggest and highly ranked scientific and educational centres in Poland. A wide variety of research projects is currently being realized by scientists and research teams connected with the University, among them some projects financed or co-financed by the EU. During the last three years Warsaw University realized about 20 projects focused on innovations and has developed procedures of managing such projects. More than 3 000 academic teachers work presently at the University, along with about 500 members of technical and scientific staff and more than 2000 administration employees.

The project is conducted by the Centre for Deliberation, an interdisciplinary research entity, which was established in the Institute of Sociology of Warsaw University in 2010. It activity focuses on the urgent practical issues of communication in democracy and democratic communication. In the CD scientists specializing in sociology, psychology, media and communication studies, political sciences, law as well as informatics are engaged in team projects. These projects involve analysis and proactive approach at macro and micro levels. They address systemic solutions, including legal and institutional provisions for good government based on open and transparent communication. They also focus on methods and techniques of deliberative public opinion formation. Promoting good practices in public consultations and other methods of seeking informed political participation of citizens is our prime interest. The prominent place in the projects is taken by traditional and new means of communication. We are (re)considering the role of public and community media and investigate how the internet media can enhance effective and efficient decision making process on issues of public importance.

In the CD we promote methodological diversity in research. The institutional and legal analysis, quantitative and qualitative studies, discourse analysis as well as action research are practiced in the projects. The comparative international studies will also have its prominent place. The analyses and diagnoses conclude with recommendations, and the evaluation follows all applied research projects. The CD organises seminars and workshops for students as well as representatives of public administration, journalists and social organizations.

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