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"Cities on Internet” Association (COI), established in 1997, is a non-governmental organization supporting regional and local government in the use of ICT tools for civilizational transformation, stimulation of modernization and development of Poland with the use of digital solutions. COI transfers the knowledge and European know-how on digital development, originating from leading regions of the EU. COI is considered to be a think-tank with a strong research base, accompanied by skills and capacity to employ the best of European good practices. In recent years, digital education and promotion of digital skills became the key theme for COI activities. COI initiated the biggest effort of this kind in Poland (Digital Poland of Equal Opportunities), accompanied by other projects aimed at decreasing digital divide. COI is also taking actions contributing to development of civil society, through promotion of open and transparent government, as well as strengthening the role of local government and non-governmental organizations in participatory processes, assistance in building relations between local government and third sector, benefitting local development.

"Cities on Internet" Association is a partner of the project since November 2015.

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